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This fictional novel takes an extremely realistic, and horrifying look, into one very possible future that could happen in our lifetime. 

Based on the destructive direction the human race is currently heading towards. 

It's when mankind experiences a world-wide food shortage because of severe damages to the environment, caused by a plague of disasters.

The economy collapses, chaos ensues, and the people become selfish savages when faced with starvation and death!

The Ungodly Empire rises to restore order, and their methods are much worse than the Nazi's and ancient Romans combined!

They will brutally put everyone's faith to the test,  

as they unleash their monstrous military beast 

to impose their barbaric will on mankind.


Author Info

A Creative Presence

From an early age, Aeron Kury set out to understand the meaning of life.

He extensively studied the various religions, ancient civilizations, and historical events that shaped mankind's progress. 

After many years of diligent searching, he now offers you this visionary fictional novel to contemplate. 


Aeron Kury / Ungodly Empire

Sonoman Publishing

California, USA

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