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food FOR THought
Take a look at this booklet and find the answer to the question "Dear God, what are we doing wrong?"
   When I look back at our world in just the last 80 years there have been a lot of problems plaguing humanity like wars, diseases, violent social conflicts, natural and unnatural disasters, etc… This leads me to believe that we are obviously doing something wrong and I further believe that things will get worse if something doesn’t drastically change. So I decided to set out on a quest to figure out why humanity is on this destructive path and if it can be diverted. 

   Now after years of searching and studying the complexities of the world’s most revered religions and digging through layers of world history and science, I present to you what I have found in a way that is easy to understand that you might find extremely interesting and could give you an explaination why these bad events are happening …

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