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Book Preview


This fictional novel will show you a very realistic and possible future you might soon experience based on the destructive direction that mankind is heading towards. Find out how the 'powers that be' will unknowingly lead civilization into another treacherous phase of human conflict. Then a charismatic leader will emerge and compel the three superpowers to join together and form this New World Alliance. They will arise after the economic collapse and outlaw religion, and brutally enslave the human race as predicted in biblical prophecies. Join Jonathan and his loyal followers as they fight to keep their faith and reveal the true meaning and purpose of life on earth, and expose the forces behind the deception that has prevented mankind from achieving this Utopian Paradise as they resist the "Ungodly Empire."  


"Aeron Kury knocks it's out of the ballpark with this futuristic novel. It was so realistic that I felt I was looking through a crystal ball. It was extremely scary but had a strong moralistic message of hope. I would highly recommend reading this book."  Rachael Harris

"This Book Rocks! Aeron Kury is a literary rockstar. I think he just might be a modern-day Prophet. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to see what the future might realistically be like to live in."  Patrick Wilkerson

"This novel is very weighty, and the story flows, maintaining your interest. A very exciting and informative read. I would recommend this book to everyone who likes to read." Pastor Bruce Desoto

"The author presents both sides of the God argument in the story; the side that believes, and the side that doesn't. I found this dissension to be very provocative. Definitely kept my interest."
Dr. Joesph Dubroff

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