Story Preview

His name is Jonathan Towers, and he’s the leader of the underground movement, that’s resisting the Noble World Alliance, or what they refer to as the “Ungodly Empire”, from destroying the Planet, eliminating religion, and suppressing the human race of true spiritual love. 

After the collapse of the Global economy because of a world-wide food shortage, caused by a series of disasters that damaged the environment. The three most powerful countries in the world join their technologically advanced military forces together and take control of the industrial world, and all food production operations.

They outlaw religion and force everyone to pledge loyalty to their new Alliance or be brutally executed. You must accept their Bio-chip implant in order to obtain food, drinkable water, shelter, and other life sustaining supplies.   

Find out how Jonathan and his followers desperately struggle to survive, protect the environment, and faithfully hold onto their religious beliefs as they courageously resist this violently oppressive, and vicious new Alliance to deliver their message of hope.

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