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In the near future, a struggle with mankind's petroleum technology reaches a critical point of self-destruction when the World leaders continue to allow corporations to keep abusing the planet with fossil fuel pollution and deforestation, ignoring the dire warnings from the scientific community. Although many people had an overwhelming feeling that they were heading for the complete annihilation of the planet, the World leaders and the large corporations still aggressively pursued this destructive path in the name of financial profit. Many people were caught up in advancing their careers and making money so they can purchase the good life. Almost everyone wanted to have the current advancements in technology, the latest fashions, the biggest houses, and the best automobiles. They were not really concerned, but aware of the disasters and diseases that were threatening human life, and what was causing it.

 Then the massive damage to the environment unexpectedly came in a continuous wave of natural disasters, like plagues from God, that swept across the planet. There was an extreme drought followed by unprecedented wildfires, devastating earthquakes, and volcano eruptions. The seas warmed and levels rose, leading to the near-extinction of fish as a food supply. In addition, a large portion of the drinking water also becomes contaminated. Eventually, there wasn't enough food to feed 7 billion people. The remaining water, farmlands, and food production operations could only produce enough food to feed two-thirds of that amount. Economies collapsed, pandemonium ensued and millions of people were killed when every country imposed a barbarous form of martial law. And now the World was about to plunge into war over food and water. World leaders knew if they went to war, it would be nuclear, and that would create a terrifying holocaust. The radiation fallout would absolutely make this already grim situation much worse. They desperately wanted to prevent this from happening...

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